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New Project "CloneApp" on the Run


CloneApp enables easy backup of all your app settings from Windows directories and Registry.

A fresh re-install always makes Windows much faster but that means you lose all your program settings.

CloneApp will Backup all your App settings from Windows' directories and the Registry, and only those you really need.

The Idea behind CloneApp is a bit different from the "classic" Backup tool. The Main purpose is to backup all the Configuration files in the Windows Program directories and the Registry.

I look to your first impressions and any feedback. Thank you.

More Infos here | Download Now!

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DDownloads v3.0 released


I'm overjoyed to announce DDownloads v3.0, more powerful than ever!

This is again a major Update with complete UI Redesign and Database Architecture.

DDownloads 3.0 beats the 2nd edition in the following points:

  • User Interface is more advanced then in the 2nd edition but also more user-friendly (all-round overview available because of optimized controls, resource friendly)
  • Attention of the UI depends completely on advanced but easy handling (we can easily extend it to other functions)
  • Search Engine is even simpler and better (can be extendend on Category, License search etc.)
  • Signature Updater comes as a Standalone .EXE which makes the App itself lighter
  • App Results are presented in a much clearer HTML view
  • Database itself has much more tables (Sub Category, Price, Date Installed etc.)
  • Database can be directly extended with further Apps. Existing Apps can be edited, deleted etc.
  • New Database functions are added such us Restore, Compact, Repair etc.
  • App results can be printed
  • 50 % faster start/initialization
  • These are just some improvements. The best way to make yourself a picture of it is to Download and try!

Download here

The Signature files of the 2nd edition are not compatible with DDownloads 3.0 (DD2Apps.mdb > DD3Apps.mdb)

We appreciate all feedback, good and bad.

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DDownloads 2.0 released (with complete Redesign)


I'm happy to present the Version 2.0 of DDownloads, a major update with complete UI Redesign & Applications Architecture

New Features in DDownloads 2.0

This Version brings several Major changes, e.g.

  • Completely Redesigned UI (it no longer relies on complete Metro UI touch)
  • Applications are stored in an Access Database (no longer .DEF Files)
  • New Database Architecture brings new Columns like Descriptions of App, Developer, Size, Version etc.
  • Completely rewritten Source Code
  • Multilingual support
  • New simple Download Manager
  • New App Manager
  • New Revision control
  • New unattended App Installation functions
  • et cetera, et cetera ...

DON'T OVERWRITE THE OLD FILES! THEY ARE NOT COMPATIBLE TO EACH OTHER (neither signatures nor the ocx components)

I hope you will like DDownloads 2.0 and thank herewith for your support. Without the big interest in this kind of Software this Version would not have gone into the development.

Download here

Download old Version (Metro UI) here | More about the old Version here


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Neues Projekt "DDownloads" gestartet

Wer nach einer Windows Installation seinen PC neu einrichten muss, braucht Geduld. Das Betriebssystem ist zwar meisst schnell eingerichtet, doch die Installation Ihrer Lieblings-Anwendungen ist um einiges Zeitintensiver. Sobald man sich wieder errinnert hat welche Software denn vllt. zuvor installiert war müssen dann im aufwendigsten Schritt die entprechenden Pakete auf den unzähligen Downloadportalen gesucht und heruntergeladen werden.

Und hier kommt DDownloads ins Spiel.

Das Tool arbeitet zwar nicht völlig automatisiert wie bspw. "Ninite" bietet dafür aber aus einer Recht umfangreichen Kategorieansammlung die nützlichsten Windows Anwendungen, welche dann nach belieben und meisst von der Herstellerseite heruntergeladen werden können. So laden Sie ensprechend immer die aktuellste Version herunter.
Das Tool stellt lediglich "Sichere" und Direkte Download Links zur Verfügung. Ist ein Direkter Download Link nicht verfügbar leitet DDownloads Sie direkt auf die Downloadseite des Anbieters oder anderwertigem und "Sicheren" Downloadportal. So brauchen Sie nicht zu befürchten auf eine Bösartige und "gefälschte" Seite zu gelangen.

Das Tool befindet sich in einem noch recht frühen Beta Entwicklungsstadium und ist derzeitig nur in Englisch verfügbar.
Wer Intersse hat kann es dennoch mal antesten.

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New Project "DDownloads" on the Run


DDownloads provides you only "Safe" and Direct Download links to your favorite Software. 

If a Direct Download link is not available DDownloads directs you to the Developer Page or other "Safe" Download Portal where you can get it. So you need not fear to go to a "Malicious" and "fake" page. 

More Infos here | Download Now!

We've just opend a new Facebook Page dedicated to DDownloads. Here you also can send us App Suggestions. Just Click Like to follow the site activity.

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A Fan site about the Xleaner Basics

If you are looking for an English Decription and Feature listing of Xleaner then Visit our small Fan site.

It is maintained by our Fan Royce Edward Barber who brings the Xleaner Basics better to the point.

The Site can be found at

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