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Written on 20/01/2016, 17:23 by - Support
new-project-cloneapp-on-the-runCloneApp enables easy backup of all your app settings from Windows directories and Registry. A fresh re-install always makes Windows much faster but that means you lose all your program settings. CloneApp will Backup all your App settings from Windows' directories and the Registry, and only those you really need. The Idea behind CloneApp is a bit...


Translator Central

If your ability in English is sufficient to produce high-quality translations of English texts in a formal style, you can volunteer to translate the DDownloads user interface of DDownloads into your native language.

How to Translate?

Click here to Download the latest English .LNG file, and then send the translated version to

Each language file is a textfile with it's extension changed into .LNG
All Text should be typed on one line. In order to make it possible to insert linefeeds use _ (underscore).
Remarks made for translation purposes can be inserted after the ; (semicolon).
Translator Information can be added at line 101-103


  • PierreL for Français Translation
  • Igor Rückert for Português (Brasil) Translation
  • Abbasov Samir for Russian Translation
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Back up Windows program settings, profile folders and Registry configurations.


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 CloneApp enables easy backup of all your app settings from Windows directories and Registry.

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